About us

The International Alliance for Justice and Peace (IAJP) brings together a group of patriotic professionals from various ethnic nationalities in modern day Nigeria. This organisation was established in response to the relentless spate of terrorist violence, especially in Nigeria where heavily armed gangs have terrorised and brutalised communities with impunity. We observe with dismay the palpable failure of the Nigerian government and security agencies to stem the tide of terrorist violence. Instead, many of the utterances of the Buhari-led administration has led us to worry that the authorities are not only unwilling, but in many cases actively complicit in the reign of terror that has gripped the nation. We recognise that Nigeria desperately needs peace. Equally, we recognise that without justice and measurable security measures put in place, the goal of peace will remain a pipe dream.

To this end, IAJP is committed to mobilising human and intellectual resources both from home and across the diaspora to:

  • Raise public and international awareness about the desperate security situation in Nigeria through publication of rigorous evidence in electronic and print formats that can be easily accessed by the general public. This will include the publication of press releases, blogs, documentaries, and booklets, among others
  • Organise events, including webinars, conferences and workshops bringing key stakeholders together to raise consciousness and offer practical ideas and measures to achieve lasting peace.
  • Actively lobby the international community, including United Nations organisations and various national governments in Europe, America and throughout the world to mount pressure and implement sanctions on Nigerian authorities and government officials who have failed in their duties or otherwise found accountable to continuing violence and conflicts in Nigeria.
  • Liaise with grassroots organisations across Nigeria to provide humanitarian reliefs and other practical supports for victims of violence.