IAJP Job Vacancy: Research Assistant


Introduction: The International Alliance for Justice and Peace (IAJP) is inviting applications for the post of a research assistant for the project focusing on gathering evidence about the spate of terrorist violence in Nigeria. This project will last for a duration of three months.

Person specifications

The role holder should:

  1. Hold a first degree in any discipline. Postgraduate qualifications will be an added advantage.
  2. Possess demonstrable strong analytical skills.
  3. Possess excellent writing skills.
  4. Some experience working with graphics.
  5. Possess very good digital skills- able to work well with internet search engines and cloud-based collaborative platforms such as google drive and Dropbox.
  6. Strong communication and team working skills.

Job description:

  1. The RA will undertake research to obtain data on incidents of violent crimes, including kidnappings, killings, arson, forced displacements, destruction of farmland, and extrajudicial killings by state agents.
  • The data will be mainly secondarily sourced from reports but the RA will ensure the sources pass a rigorous process for authentication and reliability.
  • The RA may be required to conduct on-the-ground findings to obtain data or for verification.
  • The RA will produce weekly report detailing state of Nigeria’s security situation, including, for instance, numbers kidnapped citizens or displaced communities.
  • The RA may be required to perform people-facing and public engagement roles.
  • The RA may be assigned any other research related duties within the scope of our organisational objectives.

Other details:

Time and duration: March to June (Three Months); 20 hrs per week role

Renumeration: N210,000 for the three months duration (N70,000 per month, including allowances and expenses cover).  

Application process: To apply for this role, please send your CV and personal statement to: admin@theiajp.org, on or before Monday 8th March 2021.

You can download the PDF version of the job advert here

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