Land and water resources access across Nigeria: maximising resources potential towards resolving herders-farmers conflict


This piece provides some basic data about Nigeria land and water resources which is at the center of the present conflict among different users across the states and geopolitical zones.  The pressure on land and water has become multiplied due to population increase and climate change realities.

However, a quick look on the available land resources and the distribution of water development infrastructure such as dams, show that the utilization over the years have been skewed really unevenly. It is constitutional to argue in favor of free movement and siting of businesses anywhere as citizens, however, inability to fairly and scientifically allocate finite resources like land and water in the most sustainable way surely aggravates conflict among stakeholders. Therefore, it is important to explore what is available in terms of land and water resources, where do we still have higher advantage/potential and how best can these be managed going forward.

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