The International Alliance for Justice and Peace, IAJP view with great consternation the reported clash between communities in the Shasha area of Ibadan, Oyo state on Friday 12th February.

While we do not have a full picture of this sad development, we are deeply troubled by what appears to be an opportunistic rampage of criminal elements whose objective is to cause confusion and precipitate an confusion among our people.

The recent campaign against criminalities and terrorist violence is not, and should not be turned into, or construed as, an ethnic war. It is a campaign in which all law-abiding citizens, no matter their ethnicities, should fully support so they can live and conduct their businesses in peace.

We therefore call on the people of Ibadan to keep the peace between various ethnic communities, and isolate criminal elements trying to cause confusion and unleash violence in the city.

Citizens are similarly urged to support the security agencies to apprehend those causing this mayhem and bring them to swift justice.

We continue to ask the people of Oyo State and Nigeria in general to give peace a chance. In order to achieve peace, we must all collaborate to rid our society of criminal elements with sinister motives aimed at unleashing terror and setting law-abiding citizens against one another.

Dr Seun Kolade

Convenor, International Alliance for Justice and Peace (IAJP)


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